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Zinc Alloy Electroplate CNC Milling Product

Zinc Alloy Electroplate CNC Milling Product

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.Types of Electroplating

There are different processes by which people can electroplate metals such as by mass plating (also barrel plating), rack plating, continuous plating, and line plating. Each process has its own set of procedures which allow for the ideal plating.

Table 1: Electroplating methods

Mass Plating

It's not ideal for items that are detailed as it is not effective in preventing scratches and entanglement. However, this process plates a mass amount of objects efficiently.

Rack Plating

More expensive than mass plating, but effective for either large or delicate parts. Often has parts submerged in solutions with "racks".

Continuous Plating

Parts such as wires and tubes are continuously passing anodes at a certain rate. This process is a bit cheaper.

Line Plating

Cheaper, as fewer chemicals are used and a production line is used to plate parts.

The Plating Metals

Most electroplating coatings can be separated into these categories:

Sacrificial Coating

Decorative Coating

Functional Coatings

Minor Metals

Unusual metal Coating

Alloy Coatings

is used primarily for protection. The metal used for the coating is sacrificial, being used up, in the reaction. Common metals include: zinc and cadmium (now forbidden in many countries).

is used primarily for appeal and attractive purposes. Common metals include: copper, nickel, chromium, zinc and tin.

are coatings done based on necessity and functionality of the metal. Common metals include: gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium.

are normally iron, cobalt, and indium because they are easy to plate, but are rarely used in plating.

are metals that are even more rarely used for plating than the minor metals. These include: As, Sb, Bi, Mn, Re, Al, Zr, Ti, Hf, V, Nb, Ta, W, and Mo.

An alloy is a substance that has metallic properties and is made up of two or more elements. These coatings are made by plating two metals in the same cell. Common combinations include: gold–copper–cadmium, zinc–cobalt, zinc–iron, zinc–nickel, brass (an alloy of copper and zinc), bronze (copper–tin), tin–zinc, tin–nickel, and tin–cobalt.

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