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Brass CNC Milling Custom

Brass CNC Milling Custom

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Copper is a non-ferrous metal that has a very close relationship with human beings. It is widely used not only in natural resources, but also in excellent properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. It is widely used in electric power, Energy and petrochemicals, machinery and metallurgy, transportation, light industry, emerging industries and other fields, second only to aluminum in China's consumption of non-ferrous metal materials.Stainless steel sand blast CNC turning part Supplier

Machinery and metallurgical industry
Mechanical Engineering In addition to extensive use of copper in motors, circuits, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and control systems, all types of transmission and mounting parts, such as cylinder liners, connectors, fasteners, gears and twisting elements, are required Reduce and lubricate with copper or copper alloy. Metallurgical equipment Continuous Casting Technology, the key components - mold, most of the use of chrome copper, silver copper and other high strength and high thermal conductivity of copper alloy manufacturing, electrowinning in the vacuum arc furnace and electroslag furnace water-cooled crucible made of copper pipe , A variety of induction heating induction coil is made of brass or special-shaped brass wound, within the water cooling. Alloy Additives Copper is an important addition element in alloys such as steel and aluminum. A small amount of copper added to low alloy steel, can improve the strength of steel and resistance to atmospheric and marine corrosion. Adding copper to corrosion-resistant cast iron and stainless steel further enhances their corrosion resistance.CNC milling stainless steel brush product Supplier

Light Industry Applications
Copper and copper alloy can be used in the manufacture of air conditioners heat exchangers, watch movement, paper machine mesh, rollers, printing plate, fermenter lining, distillation pot, building decoration components.
Power Industry
Power transmission such as wire cables, transformers, switches, connectors and connectors, etc .; motor manufacturing such as the stator, rotor, shaft and hollow wire; communication cables and residential electrical circuits also need to use a large number of copper wire.
Electro-vacuum devices such as high-frequency and ultra-high frequency launch tubes, ferro-ducts, magnetrons, etc., require high-purity oxygen-free copper and dispersion-strengthened oxygen-free copper. Copper printed circuit requires a lot of copper foil and copper brazing material. In the integrated circuit, copper is used instead of aluminum in the silicon chip for the interconnection and the lead frame.

Energy and petrochemical industry
The main condenser tubesheet and condenser tube for the power industry thermal power plant are made of brass, bronze or white copper. Solar heaters are also often made of brass. Petrochemical copper and many copper alloys, used extensively to make a wide variety of containers, piping, filters, pumps and valves, evaporators, heat exchangers and condensers for contact with aggressive media. As the copper industry is not only resistant to sea water corrosion, but also copper ions dissolved in water have a bactericidal effect, can prevent fouling of marine organisms, therefore, copper and its copper alloy are very important materials in the marine industry and have also been used in desalination plants, Offshore oil and gas platforms and other coastal and subsea facilities such as plumbing systems used in desalination processes, pumps and valves, and equipment used on production and recovery platforms, including splashes and submerged bolts, anti-corrosion Biofouling packages, pump valves and piping systems.
Transportation industry
In the shipbuilding industry, copper alloys including aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, aluminum brass, gunmetal (tin-zinc bronze), white copper and nickel-copper alloy (Monel) are all standard materials for shipbuilding. In warships and merchants, copper and copper alloys are generally used as aluminum bronze propellants, bolts, condensers, rivets, copper coated paint. In the automotive industry, copper and copper alloys are used mainly in radiators, brake system lines, hydraulics, gears, bearings, power distribution and power systems, brake linings, gaskets and various fittings, fittings and accessories. The trains, rectifiers and control, braking, electrical and signaling systems on the railway train also depend on copper and copper alloys. In addition, the electrification of railways is in great demand for copper and copper alloys. Plane, hydraulic, cooling, and pneumatic systems in aircraft are required to use copper, bearing holders and landing gear bearings are made of aluminum bronze tubing, and navigation instruments are anti-magnetic copper alloys.Stainless steel die casting CNC turning part Supplier

Emerging industries and high-tech fields
Copper is also used in emerging industries and high-tech fields such as sheathing of superconducting alloys, vessels and piping for cryogenic media, cooling of the rocket engine in the village, and magnet winding of high-energy accelerators.

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