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Metal Titanium Part

Metal Titanium Part

Titanium. It is notoriously hard to make, but we have come to rely on it and indeed we couldn't do without this element or its compounds today.We are SHENZHEN LITONG METAL POWER CO LTD.,which has 13 years OEM and ODM experiences. Welcome to visit us and business cooperation.
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Industrial pure titanium impurity content of pure titanium with chemical pure titanium more, so the strength and hardness is slightly higher, its mechanical properties and chemical properties of stainless steel and similar, better than pure titanium strength titanium alloy, the oxidation resistance is better than that of austenitic stainless steel, but poor heat resistance, increased content of impurities TA1, TA2 TA3, mechanical strength and hardness are increased, but the plasticity and toughness decrease.

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Beta type titanium: beta titanium alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment, high strength alloy, welding, pressure processing is good, but the performance is not stable, and the smelting process is complicated.


A, beta titanium plate: 0.5-4.0mm


B, eyeglass board (Chun Tai): 0.8-8.0mm


C, standard board (Chun Tai): 1 x 2m thickness: 0.5-20mm


D, electroplating and other industry boards (Chun Tai): 0.1-50mm


Uses: electronics, chemical industry, clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry, sporting goods, machinery and equipment, electroplating equipment, environmental protection equipment, golf and precision processing industries.


Titanium tube specification: Phi 6- Phi 120mm thickness: 0.3-3.0mm


Application of titanium tube: environmental protection equipment, cooling pipe, titanium heating pipe, electroplating equipment, ring and various precision electrical appliances and other industries.copper polish CNC turning product Supplier


A and beta titanium wire specification: [Phi] 0.8- phi 6.0mm


B, glasses titanium wire specification: Phi 1.0- phi 6.0mm special titanium wire


C, titanium wire specifications: Phi 0.2- Phi 8.0mm special hanger


Titanium wire use: military, medical and sporting goods, glasses, earrings, hair ornaments, electroplating, welding and other industries.


A, square bar specification: square bar: 8-12mm


B, polished round rod: [Phi] 4- [Phi] 60mm


C, wool rod, black skin rod: [Phi] 6- Phi 120mm


Titanium rod use: mainly used in mechanical equipment, electroplating equipment, medical, all kinds of precision machinery and other industries.

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