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CNC Turning Aluminum

CNC Turning Aluminum

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Electrolytic  coloring aluminum has good decorative, it is widely used at home and  abroad, especially in the production of aluminum surface treatment of  the most commonly used in the production. At  present, the main process is electrolytic tinting with tin-nickel mixed  salt, and the color of the product is mainly champagne. Compared with  single nickel salt coloring, tin-nickel mixed salt electrolysis coloring  products are bright in color and rich in color; the main problems Is the existence of product color, aluminum extrusion process and  oxidation of the coloring process unreasonable will lead to product  color.copper polish CNC turning part Supplier

The  impact of extrusion process on the oxidation and coloring is mainly the  influence of mold design, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed and  cooling method on the surface state and the uniformity of the extrusion  profile. Mold  design should be able to fully blend the feed, otherwise prone to  bright (dark) with defects, the same profile may appear on the color  separation; the same time, the state of the mold and profile extrusion  lines also affect the oxidation coloring. Extruded temperature, speed, cooling and cooling time are different, so that profiles are not uniform, but also produce color.

Anodic  oxidation of electrolytic coloring has a very important role in the  color, especially in the production of vertical oxidation line is prone  to two-color, vertical oxidation tank depth 7.5m, the upper and lower  tank temperature is easy to produce, the temperature is important for  anodic oxidation ,  The temperature is high, the dissolution of the oxide film by the  oxidation bath is aggravated, and the pore size of the surface of the  porous anodic oxide film is increased. On the contrary, the pore size of  the porous anodic oxide film is small. In addition, the temperature is high, the porosity of the anodized film is high, and conversely it is low. Electrolytic  coloring is mainly the color of the metal ions in the oxide film within  the pores of the barrier layer surface electrochemical reduction  reaction, so that the metal ions in the coloring solution deposited on  the bottom of the anodized film hole, the incident light scattering While showing a different color, the more material deposited in the micropore, the darker the color. Metal copper polish product Supplier Depositing  the same amount of metal or metal compound on the parts with high and  low temperature under the condition of the same electricity amount will  have less deposits per hole for the parts with higher porosity and  larger surface pore size, Shallow, on the contrary, darker colors, resulting in pigmented double color. In  the anodic oxidation process, the conductivity of the oxide film will  also cause the pigment produced color, the problem is mainly prone to  horizontal production line, mainly due to oxidation of the blank before  the oxidation process, the clamp material is not Tight, resulting in poor conductivity of individual materials, making  the oxide film is relatively different, and then by color, it will  produce color.

Electrolytic  coloring process can be a direct response to the color difference  problem, the electrolysis of the color liquid current distribution  capacity of the uniform coloring of the pigment has a decisive impact,  once the current distribution of uneven, it will cause significant  color. The current distribution capacity of the bath is mainly related to the conductivity and the degree of polarization of the bath. Coloring  liquid contains a certain conductive salt, mainly to improve the  conductivity of the colored liquid, conductive salt added less than when  the conductivity decreased, the ability to reduce the current  distribution, it will cause color. In  addition, the additive in the coloring solution will have  characteristic adsorption, thereby increasing the degree of  polarization. If the substance is consumed too much, the polarization  degree of the electrolyte will decrease and the current distribution  ability will decline, which will also cause color difference. In actual production, not only to improve the bath conductivity, but  also to ensure that the conductive rod, copper seat has good  conductivity, poor conductivity will cause uneven distribution of power  lines, resulting in color.CNC milling copper polish part Supplier

These  are mainly introduced the impact of the same chromatic aberration of  the tank for several reasons, the anodizing and electrolytic coloring of  the process parameters will lead to differences between the different  chutes, so in the production to control the stability of the oxidation  and coloring process , To ensure that the parameters of the same, thereby reducing the oxidation of pigment color problems appear.


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    In order to get accurate quotation, the standard, material, outer diameter, wall thickness, quantity, destination port are necessary information


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