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CNC Turning Titanium Electroplate Product

CNC Turning Titanium Electroplate Product

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The insoluble anode for electroplating titanium anodization is coated with a noble metal oxide coating with high electrochemical catalytic performance on a titanium substrate (reticular, plate, ribbon, tube, etc.). The coating contains a highly stable valve. Metal oxide. The new insoluble titanium anode has a high electrochemical catalytic energy, and the oxygen evolution overpotential is about 0.5 V lower than the insoluble anode of the lead alloy, has significant energy saving, Metal aluminum passivation product Supplier high stability, does not contaminate the plating solution, is lightweight, and is easy to replace. The oxygen evolution overpotential of the new insoluble titanium anode is also lower than that of the platinum insoluble anode, but its lifetime is increased by more than 1 time. Widely used in various electroplating applications as anodes or auxiliary anodes, it can replace conventional lead-based alloy anodes. Under the same conditions, it can reduce the tank voltage and save power consumption; insoluble titanium anode has good stability in the electroplating process (Chemistry, electrochemistry), long service life. This anode is widely used in nickel plating gold plating, chrome plating, galvanizing, copper plating and other non-ferrous metals plating industry.

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Q: Can you please confirm if you do aluminium fabrication?

Yes, that is our normal machining way, most of aluminium parts widely used in industrial products. e.g. heatsink, led, automotive etc.

Q: Can you anodize metal?

Yes, we can anodize many colors as per customer's specify, also can do the harden anodize on surface. 

Q: What type of CAD file can you read?

 .igs / .iges / .stp / .step / .dxf / .dwg / .pdf / *.x_t

Q: Please can you tell me price of this car spare part ?

 We need the drawing to check all details first

Q: What is the minimum quantity to order?

That depends on what machining process. Nomally sample order also is acceptable.

Q: Could you send me a sample of the product before the application is made?

Sure, we could do that. For some parts, it is necessary to do so.

 Q:Will you provide spare parts for your order?

A: We usuallly prepare 2% spare parts to avoid accident during processing. If customer needs spare parts, he should listed out when placing an order.



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