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Steel Casting Parts

Steel Casting Parts

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Casting process simulation was initially developed at universities starting from the early '70s, mainly in Europe and in the U.S., and is regarded as the most important innovation in casting technology over the last 50 years. Since the late '80s, commercial programs (such as AutoCAST and MAGMA) are available which make it possible for foundries to gain new insight into what is happening inside the mold or die during the casting process.

Casting  refers to the liquid at room temperature but soon after the cured  material into a specific shape of the mold to be solidified forming  processing. The  material being cast is mostly metal that is solid but heated to a  liquid state (eg, copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.) and the mold  material can be sand, metal, or even ceramic. Depending on the requirements, the method used will be different.CNC milling aluminum electroplate product OEM&ODMMetal casting
The most used material for casting technology.
Sand Casting
Using sand as the mold material, sand of different compositions may be  further subdivided into Green Sand Mold, Dry Sand Mold, and the like,  but not all sand may be cast.
The advantage is that the cost is lower because the sand used in the  mold can be reused; the disadvantage is that the mold is time consuming,  the mold itself can not be reused, and the finished product must be  destroyed before it can be destroyed.
Die Casting
Molds are made of metal having a higher melting point than the starting material. Which is broken down into gravity casting method, low pressure casting method and high pressure casting method.
Subject to the melting point of the mold, the metal that can be cast is also limited.
Investment Casting (Lost-wax casting)
This method can be outer film casting method and solid casting method.
The  desired object to be cast is first waxed and then immersed in a  ceramic-containing cell and allowed to dry, so that the waxed replica is  covered with a ceramic outer membrane, repeating steps until the outer  membrane is sufficient to support the casting process (about 1 / 4 "to 1/8"), then melt the wax in the mold and pull it off the mold. Subsequent molds need to be repeatedly high temperature, increased hardness before casting.Aluminum electroplate CNC milling part OEM&ODM

This method has good accuracy, but also can be used as high melting point metal (such as titanium) casting. However, due to the high price of ceramics, and the production needs multiple heating and complexity, it is quite expensive.

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