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Metal Navigator Parts

Navigation, entertainment and entertainment, with the popularity of the car and the construction of the road, inter-city economic exchanges more frequently, car GPS navigation is very important and accurate positioning of the car, the technology of modern technology,...
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Product Information

Product Name

Metal Navigator  Parts

Material Capabilities

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, Other 

Finishing Capabilities

polishing, anodizing, sanding, plating

Machining Type

turning machine, welding, milling, CNC machining, strengthen, stamping machine

Anodize color

 as customers' requirement

Inspection Equipment

Coordinate measuring machine, projector, roughness tester, hardness   tester, concentricity tester, height tester, salt spray machines, torsion machines


as per customer’s 2D/3D drawings


+/-0.01mm or +/- 0.004

Production Output

80000 pieces/month


 Industrial packing: Cartons for outer packing and foam for inside protection with wooden pallets or as customers' requirement

OEM Service







PayPal, T/T, western union, etc

Lead time

7 to 10 days after deposit received


UPS, DHL, TNT, Ocean Shipping ,etc.

Navigation, entertainment and entertainment, with the popularity of the car and the construction of the road, inter-city economic exchanges more frequently, car GPS navigation is very important and accurate positioning of the car, the technology of modern technology, and more for the car, for positioning, navigation and entertainment , Navigation, entertainment features set in a navigation more able to meet the needs of owners, as the basic equipment on board.

Navigator type

1. According to the specifications

A: Car DVD Navigator

  Installed in the car console, usually the car factory comes with, but because of the price problem, now more and more people choose to buy their own installation of such navigators. Because it is built-in, and special car, so the car interior decoration is very good. The disadvantage is that the installation is inconvenient, not portable and the price is high.

B: Portable Navigator (PND)

  Appearance and ordinary MP4 completely no difference. Make up for the shortcomings of the car DVD navigation device, configuration flexibility greatly increased, generally by a bracket sucker adsorption in the front windshield. Map upgrades, information updates, and so very convenient. Generally have built-in battery, but because the GPS module is very power, cost control, plus there is no need for long battery life and so on factors, portable navigator generally do not have a long battery life, usually 2 hours , Generally rely on car cigarette lighter power supply. Domestic common brands are Newman, I swim, Onda, good collar and so on.

C: Handheld Navigator

  The appearance of many, similar to the instrument, the GPS positioning accuracy requirements for high, applicable to the relevant professional areas and GPS enthusiasts. Prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. The normal driving demand is of little significance. Car DVD navigator and portable navigator has been enough to meet our daily needs.

D: GPS navigation phone

  Simply say that the GPS navigation phone is the satellite navigation phone, and mobile phone electronic map is the difference, it can tell you where the location in the map, and where you want to go to the location of the map, and can in your location And the destination between the best route, and in the process of moving for you to turn left or right, this is the so-called navigation. Now the market is also divided into two types of mobile phones, one is the real satellite through the space navigation GPS navigation, error 3-5 meters, such as the day the general navigation phone, the other is through the base station and the network rough Navigation, called A-GPS, this navigation is not really accurate by satellite GPS navigation, the general positioning error of 100 meters.

2, according to the function points

Here are the functions of the GPS navigation system is the main function, such as video playback, e-books, MP3, games and other additional features are not in such a

A, with only map navigation function

  This is also the most traditional GPS navigator. Only with map navigation. However, due to the increasing demand for consumers, only with the navigation function of the GPS navigation system is also less and less.

B, map navigation + fixed point warning

  In addition to the map navigation function, increase the fixed point early warning function. Just use the navigation device with the GPS positioning module to achieve fixed-point early warning function, through the integration of cross-platform integration software, combined with the various manufacturers of GPS fixed point information database, to achieve fixed points such as camera speed point, schools, gas stations, etc. Function of the early warning function, very practical. At present, China's cross-platform integration of such software is mainly good collar company DSA. This type of navigator is called "two-in-one GPS navigator", which is also made by the good collar company's new term and new product type. At present, the major manufacturers have integrated the company's DSA system.

C, map navigation + fixed point warning + mobile speed function

  Needless to say, we should also know that this is the "three-in-one GPS navigator" three functions. In the map navigation + fixed point on the basis of warning and then add a mobile speed function. It is necessary to tell you what is a mobile speed. Mobile speed is relative to the fixed point speed, as the name suggests, mobile speed devices are "mobile", such as the hands of the police in the radar gun, tachometer, mobile radar speed point and so on. For fixed speed, we can manually capture the coordinates of the fixed point information will be uploaded to the various manufacturers of the database. And mobile speed is clearly unable to achieve through this method.

The flow velocity measurement is carried out by means of an integrated radar module for the detection of radar waves emitted by various flow velocity instruments. The navigator apparently does not have an integrated radar module. So we need another way to increase the flow rate for the GPS function: for the navigation with radar. Currently on the market a wide range of radar, with the most famous good collar X7 as an example, we will be good collar X7 and we purchased the navigation through the corresponding interface connected, and then through the DSA software to re-integrate the mobile speed function can be added, very Simple.

Tips: navigator, after all, is the machine, can only play a supplementary function, please abide by the actual traffic route, otherwise the consequences of conceit.

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