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What Is A Double Hole Faucet? Double Tap Faucet Purchase Method
Mar 14, 2018

Double hole faucet by many people's favorite, what is the double hole faucet? Double tap has a water-saving, durable, user-friendly, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, convenient and so on. How to buy a good double hole faucet? Here for everyone to introduce two-hole faucet purchase method.Brass electroplate CNC milling part OEM&ODM 


What is a double hole faucet?

Double faucet
 Although the tap is small, its importance is beyond doubt, the tap on the market is even more dazzling, the current market out of a single faucet, the use of double-entry type, while the double refers to the basin On the reserved two holes, hole distance 150MM, aperture 20MM, which is subdivided into the following two categories:


   1, single double hole: by a handle faucet, control a cold and hot two water inlet


   2, double the double hole: the two handles were controlled hot and cold water inlet
Double hole tap to buy

1, look at the appearance: a good leader is very particular about the chrome plating process, usually after several processes can be completed, the more smooth the surface, the better the quality on behalf of the better.


   2, Turn the handle: a good leader in the rotation of the handle, the tap and the switch between the excessive clearance, but also open the open and easy, not skidding. Not only poor quality faucet gap, sense of obstruction is also large.


   3, listen to the sound: the leading material is the most difficult to distinguish. A good lead is the overall cast copper, knocking sound dull. If the sound is very crisp, it must be stainless steel, the quality will be worse than a grade.Hardware stainless steel electroplate product OEM&ODM


   4, mark: If you really can not tell, you can choose a little formal brand. Regular products generally have the manufacturer's brand identity, and some informal products or quality products tend to paste only some of the paper labels, or even without any mark, consumers must pay attention to when choosing.


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