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What should we do if the radiator of the heating radiator is rusted?
Aug 03, 2018

Why are the radiators rusting, the effects of rust on the radiator, how to do the rust on the radiator, and what methods can avoid the rust of the radiator. 

Question 1: Why does the radiator rust?

1. The raw materials of the radiator are poor in corrosion resistance, or damage and cut corners in the production process. Regardless of the type of radiator, such as cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum, long-term use will cause scale, rust and so on inside. Generally, cast iron and copper radiators are most resistant to corrosion and oxidation.Professional Steel CNC Milling Parts Manufacturing

2, poor heating water quality, such as steel radiators need to be heated water quality must be alkaline, oxygen content should be low, otherwise it is easy to corrode and leaks and other accidents, affecting the service life.

3, the radiator maintenance method is not appropriate, such as steel radiators generally use full water to maintain.

Question 2: What effect does the radiator rust have?

1. The rusty radiator seriously affects the visual appearance, damages the home environment, and corrodes the radiator. As a result, the wall thickness of the radiator becomes thinner, which eventually leads to leakage of sand in the radiator, which seriously shortens the service life of the radiator.

2. The rust will affect the heat dissipation of the radiator, and it can also cause blockage in the radiator pipe, affecting the circulation of water, resulting in low heating efficiency in the room.

Question 3: What should I do if the radiator is rusty?

The material of the radiator is different, and the treatment method is different. For example, the cast iron radiator can be brushed with a steel ball in a conventional way, remove the rust, and then wash it with water, or use a special rust remover for cast iron to react. Then rinse with water. However, if it is a new cast iron radiator, it needs to be treated with sand blasting technology. Professional Zinc Alloy CNC Turning Parts Manufacturing The common rust removal method for steel radiators is to weaken the rust of the radiator, and then use the weak alkali to neutralize the weak acid remaining in the radiator, and finally clean it with clean water. It is more complicated and professional, and if the proportion is not well matched, it will cause certain damage to the radiator pipe. However, in today's heating market, a rust remover for derusting the radiator is specially developed. The rust cleaning function is very good, and it does not cause any damage to the radiator product itself.

Question 4: How can the radiator be maintained without rust?

To prevent rust, first remove the rusting environment. In order to prevent the radiator from rusting easily, it should be covered with water. The steel radiators currently on the market are generally treated with good internal anti-corrosion technology. The service life is more than ten years. For example, steel radiators are made of high-quality low-carbon cold-rolled steel and deep-sea submarine double-layer anti-corrosion coating. The life span is 50 years, and the warranty is ten years. In the production process, the problem of rusting of the radiator is eliminated, but the maintenance of the water is good, and the service life can be prolonged.Professional Iron CNC Turning Parts Manufacturing

On the market, the most common radiator materials are mainly made of steel, copper, cast iron and aluminum. Generally, cast iron and copper radiators are difficult to rust or oxidize. The most cost-effective steel radiators will be rusted and leaky if the products are unqualified, the heating quality is poor, and the maintenance methods are not correct. Therefore, in order to prevent the radiator from rusting and affecting the service life, it is necessary to choose a large brand and quality qualified products. If the user's radiator is now rusted, you can find a professional radiator cleaning company to deal with you, and pay special attention to maintenance after the warm-up.

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