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2018 Custom, Smart Home Warming It?
Jan 17, 2018

2017 is a past tense, this year all-year development of custom furniture throughout the house, the various brands compete with each other more intense, the industry leader did not appear temporarily, the new whole-house custom brand also quickly muster. New Chinese furniture style and modern simple style comparable, the smart home interface problem is pending. 2018 will obviously be full of insolence and challenges of the year. Stainless steel electroplate CNC milling part Bulk Production  

2018 whole house custom brand will be repositioned, the characteristics will become mainstream brand tone.

In a sense, the whole house custom brand will be repositioned, the characteristics will become mainstream brand tone. However, for now, the whole family custom occupations of the "predators" did not cure, several big brands you chase me catch, the new whole house custom brand also quickly muster. Now many companies are staying in the trend and concept level, and even "hanging out", do not have the real strength. Whole house customization There is a potential risk signal in the future, which will lead to one consequence - the embarrassment of overcapacity in the coming years. From the point of view of consumer shopping malls, product quality and service value, at a very large level, decided the company's central strengths. In other words, the whole house custom business must have a good shot to get rid of the second, but also have excellent service awareness, in order to remain invincible in the race. Titanium electroplate custom cnc machining product Bulk Production  

By "Internet +" big expansion, a group of players defeated

"Internet +" muster, so that home industry a carnival. In particular, capital and giants' appearances have misled a large number of entrepreneurs who did not really understand the substance and knowledge of the business into recklessness in the home improvement profession and became the fodder, finally turning around in vain. This, in 2017, performed hearty: closed down, shaking hands with the "rival", there is no shortage of people. A group of early adopters of the players, most did not survive this winter.

Home appliances equipped with "Internet +" are expanding at a large scale and are expected to achieve their goals through a large-scale expansion. However, for now, there are not many real changes. Most products supplied by "Internet +" home improvement companies and delivered In order to still not perfect to move the user. The most typical, marketing is still a simple rough traditional marketing methods, verbally do not call price war, in fact, the price war is going on every day. Real or decoration, "love space" worth mentioning, they reveal the problem, the same is also a lot of Internet home may face temporary problems: the addition of the number of cities in the layout, with the company's total profits is not directly proportional, it is possible that the more the more the more suffering.Zinc alloy electroplate CNC milling part Bulk Production

Therefore, we should advise one thing: the plan can not keep up with changes. In 2018, we should properly abandon those unrealistic goals. We should also focus on the present moment. The adjustment and adjustment should be carried out slowly and steadily. .

Market further breakdown, a strong leader in the industry   

17 years, there are many home market, the strong injection of capital, will completely break the balance of the strength of existing shopping malls, but also allow enterprises to start standing on a different starting line. A large number of powerful brand enterprises will be rapidly expanded with the help of capital, and will exert a precise impact on those enterprises and brands that do not have the core competiveness. In addition, environmental protection Forced industry promotion is also a major cleaning of all occupations. The home profession has not been able to face the higher and higher environmental requirements, because it does exist flawed. In 2018, it is not new to those companies that can not meet environmental protection requirements. Along with this, along with the increase of capital, the increase of product price has become an irreversible fact, which will speed up the decline of SMEs and make the leading enterprises agitate. Brass electroplate CNC turning product Bulk Production  

In addition to the whole industry, shopping mall segments will also be accelerated. Each category presents a strong brand and business, and constitutes a force. The emergence of these brand groups, for the diversification and characterization of consumer demand for the supply of space.

2018 more whole house custom furniture industry development we look at next year.

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