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China's Aluminum Industry Reform Won The World Certainly, The Hardware Industry Sigh
Jan 17, 2018

A while ago, there was a great deal of discussion and controversy over the overcapacity of the aluminum industry in the world. China's aluminum industry was described as an industry that has a negative impact on the world aluminum industry. Some countries started to carry out activities such as trade protectionism and anti-dumping investigations against China , Even pointed out in some international aluminum activities that overcapacity in China's aluminum industry led to a slump in aluminum prices. The hardware industry also had a significant impact. The hardware industry paid close attention to the reform of the aluminum industry. Aluminum Anodize Custom Cnc Machining Product Bulk Production


Recently, the government of our country has taken the promotion of supply-side structural reforms as the main theme. With unprecedented efforts, a series of relevant policies and measures have been implemented, such as going to production capacity, cleaning up and reorganizing illegal aluminum electrolysis projects, environmental remediation and expanding aluminum applications. Since the implementation of a period of time, the local government and the aluminum enterprises in our country took the initiative to respond to the national call actively, stepping up self-discipline and innovation drive of the industry so that the backward production capacity can be withdrawn from the market orderly and the rectification and halt of illegal and illegal projects strictly implemented. The positive results have been achieved.Aluminum Sand Blast Custom Cnc Machining Product Bulk Production


Chen Quanxun, president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, revealed at the 2017 China International Aluminum Week that benefiting from the leading role of supply-side structural reforms, the consumption of primary aluminum in China gradually increased and the expansion of aluminum application achieved remarkable results. Since this year, the aluminum price has been obviously realized Rose, the industry as a whole. The aluminum industry eliminated 2.4 million tons of backward production capacity and encouraged 5.66 million tons of low-competitive production capacity to be withdrawn from the market, effectively improving the market supply. 5.37 million tons of electrolytic aluminum products were immediately shut down for illegal and illegal production, and the illegal production capacity under construction was immediately Stop construction of 6.19 million tons, effectively curb the excessive growth of electrolytic aluminum production capacity trend.


For the recent frequent moves in the aluminum industry in China, Wen Xianjun, vice chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said experts and business representatives from many countries affirmed the supply-side structural reform implemented in China. He pointed out that this year, the improvement and development of the aluminum market Good relations with China's efforts have a lot, "China's aluminum industry reform has won the respect of the world."Stainless Steel Sand Blast CNC Turning Product Bulk Production


International Aluminum Association Secretary-General Ron Nepp and Russian conglomerate Conjoint said that China's supply-side structural reforms are unique in the world and have played a positive role in the healthy development of the world aluminum industry. The global aluminum industry's influence. They all affirmed the effects of China's reform.


No matter from the market, industry or international aspect, China's supply-side structural reform and the recently introduced policies and measures are both positive and effective, winning the respect and affirmation of the world.


At the same time, as the focus of attention of the world, how to achieve sustainable development of industry is the eternal issue pursued by all countries. Since the beginning of this year, the series of laws, regulations and policies to be implemented in China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, the limited production in winter and the environmental protection tax law to be implemented in 2018 have all proposed the environmental protection and green development of China's aluminum industry More stringent new requirements, but also reflects our determination on the concept of green development.Stainless Steel Sand Blast CNC Turning Product Bulk Production


China's aluminum equipment industry continues to upgrade the level of technology, more efficient, large-scale equipment put into use, energy-saving emission reduction targets gradually optimized, significantly reduced aluminum energy consumption. From 2012 to 2016, the comprehensive energy consumption of alumina in our country decreased from 583.2 kg of standard coal / tonne to 382 kgce of standard coal / tonne, down by 34.5%; the comprehensive AC power consumption of aluminum ingot decreased from 13,844 kWh / t to 13,599 kWh / Ton, down 245 kwh / ton. Strengthen energy conservation, pay attention to environmental protection, has become the industry consensus.


Driven by the supply-side structural reforms, China, as the world's largest aluminum industrial country, will no longer take "big" as its first priority and is gradually moving toward a strong aluminum industrial country and is respected and affirmed by all countries in the world. All the countries in the world are also accepting China's The strength and rise of the aluminum industry, in view of the success of the reform of the aluminum industry, the hardware industry Chang Shu.Aluminum Polish Custom Cnc Machining Product Bulk Production

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