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CNC Engraving Machine Ball Screw Common Fault Diagnosis Method
Jan 16, 2018

The ball screw of CNC engraving machine is composed of screw, nut and ball. It converts rotary motion into linear motion, or converts linear motion into ideal motion of rotary motion! Due to its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in a variety of industrial equipment and precision instruments. However, some problems still exist when using the device. Improper handling can cause malfunctions, affect the precision of the carving machine and even stop the machine tool. Well, the vast Xiaobian tell you about some of the screw common fault diagnosis methods and to use what should pay attention to what.Titanium CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer

  First, the common fault and the corresponding troubleshooting methods are described below.


1, adjust the axial clearance improper preload control caused by failure


Double nut type ball screw nut can be adjusted by adding pre-tension can basically eliminate the axial gap. But this time should control the size of preload. If the pre-tightening force is too small, it can not completely eliminate the axial clearance, can not play the role of pre-tightening; such as the pre-tightening force is too large, it will increase the no-load torque, thus reducing the transmission efficiency, causing the drive motor heat overload Call the police. The way to eliminate such faults is to readjust the pre-tightening force according to the requirements so that it can eliminate the gap and make the pre-tightening force not too big.Titanium CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer

2, due to ball screw does not lock the fault


Ball screw nut friction coefficient is small, with a high transmission efficiency, but not self-locking. Therefore, when the Ball Screw Nut is used for high-speed, large-inertia drives that are vertically or horizontally placed, the headstock slips or overshoes to prevent sudden power failure. The drive chain must be considered to install the brake, otherwise, due to inertia movement of moving parts caused by abnormal failure, serious damage to machine parts. Commonly used braking methods are used overrunning clutch, electromagnetic friction clutch or the use of a servo motor with a brake.

3, ball screw nut in the transmission process of noise


Ball screw nut is a high-precision transmission components, noise generated in the work mainly in the assembly, the adjustment process there is a defect, or routine inspection and maintenance are not in place. Such as the emergence of loose fasteners, bearing gland is not in place, supporting bearings or screw nut damage and poor lubrication and so on. To reduce the occurrence of such failures, usually need to strengthen the daily inspection of the feed drive chain maintenance, timely fastening loose parts, through the detection of the processing of parts, timely feed chain adjustment to check whether the lubrication system is smooth.Copper CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer


Second, the ball screw Screw is a precision parts, use should pay attention to the following points.


(1) Before use, check the lubrication status. Such as lubrication is not good, it will lose the ball screw function in a short period of time.


(2) When coated with grease, please use it directly. However, if the surface of grease sticks with dust or dust during use, please wash it with clean white kerosene and re-apply the same new grease as the original grease. Should be avoided using a mixture of different types of grease.

(3) As a lubricant check into use 2 to 3 months, when it is found dirty more obvious, it is recommended to wipe the old lubricant on the product and re-coated with a new lubricant. Regular inspection of the grease and replacement of the lubricant after this period are normally 1 year. However, set the proper interval according to the operating environment.Stainless Steel CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer

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