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Digital Make Up The Short Lock Of Traditional Locks, And The Door Lock Industry Advances And Retreats
May 16, 2018

The door lock is the most basic product in the anti-theft security. This year, with the development of informatization, the improvement of people’s safety awareness and the changes in the methods of social criminals, the requirements for the safety of door locks are getting higher and higher. Traditional door locks The drawbacks of the new technology are constantly emerging, and the development and application of new technologies will always require time and the door lock industry will continue to innovate.Titanium Brush CNC Turning Part Supplier

Digital fingerprint lock to make up for technical shortcomings

As far as the lock products themselves are concerned, most of the lock market in China is mechanical mortice locks and ball locks. These two kinds of lock production technology is simple, as long as real materials, strictly control the various production and manufacturing links, generally there will be no quality problems. However, these two kinds of locks are not high-tech products, and their technical content is relatively low. It is difficult to upgrade them. Therefore, after nearly two decades of development, the domestic lock industry has still not achieved a breakthrough.

Product features are always positioned on practical, security features. The greatest effort a company can make is to control the quality of its products and introduce new styles of appearance. It is no exaggeration to say that the inherent shortage of the mortise lock and the ball lock due to low technical content has become a shortcoming in the development of the lock industry.Stainless Steel Die Casting CNC Milling Part Supplier 

However, the advent of electronic fingerprint locks has changed the hardware lock industry. With the development of intelligent security technology and the widespread use of chips, electronic fingerprint locks have been rapidly developed. At present, some big brands such as Huitailong, Bailemen, Mingmen, Sakura and other companies have developed intelligent electronic fingerprint locks. Puxin Hardware is also actively developing digital intelligent lock products, investing a lot of money and manpower, and also set up a production workshop for this purpose. He always said that the smart electronic fingerprint lock may become the last "blue sea" in the lock industry. The market space is still huge, the profit is relatively high, and the profit from after-sales service is also very large, which is worthy of the lock enterprises.

Door and window locks industry development trend is obvious

The digital fingerprint lock makes up for the shortcomings of the lock technology, which brings great development to the lock industry. However, a company must survive on the product and must walk on two legs. First, it must have high value-added products. It can bring the company More profits; Second, there must be a quantity of products, Aluminum Die Casting CNC Milling Part Supplier such products only need to earn a small amount of profits, the purpose is to arouse the attention of consumers, improve the brand and the company's influence. Both are indispensable. For lock companies, ball locks can be used to take the amount, and mortice locks and electronic locks can get more profits.

It is predicted that in the next five years, the demand for high-end locks in China will exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, lock companies should work hard to develop new products with high technology content and high added value, and increase brand awareness on the basis of vigorously improving product quality. In order to stand out in the market downturn and increase product development efforts, Dongke Hardware's recently launched four "Chinese rhyme" series products are of superior quality and unique design. They are products specially designed for high-end door companies and are very popular with the market. Welcome to achieve the goal of "high-end doors with high-end locks." From the current point of view, more and more door companies will choose to cooperate with well-known brand lock companies that have strength and product quality protection. The lock products needed by high-end wooden doors should not only be practical, but also have certain artistic value. Therefore, lock companies must make efforts in product design, increase research and development efforts, produce personalized products, in order to achieve product differentiation, attracting the attention of the door companies.Metal Titanium Electroplate Product Supplier

Customized door industry will give birth to lock customization

Door locks, door locks, doors and locks are often inseparable. The lock market has a lot of development at present, and the industry dominated by doors and windows is steadily moving forward under the lock market. At present, due to the inconsistent dimensions of the building doors in China, the door and window industry still focuses on customization. The customized production of the door industry will result in the customization of the hardware lock industry. Since household products such as doors and windows, furniture, wardrobes, and cabinets can be customized, it is entirely possible for the lock products to be customized. Because the trend of door lock bundled sales is becoming more and more obvious, consumers are more inclined to purchase products that are already equipped with locks.

In the future, customization of the lock industry may occur in two situations: one is that the locks become a supporting production workshop for the door companies; the other is that after receiving an order, a design company arranges the door companies and the lock companies to follow the order requirements. Production, but the brand owner of the door and lock is the design company. At present, there are already door companies making the first attempt. With the arrival of the peak period of the lock industry, some small micro-lock enterprises will be eliminated. The enterprises that have survived the “labor pains” tenaciously have stronger competitiveness and are more capable of customized production. In the future, CNC milling zinc alloy electroplate product Supplier high-profile brand companies and enterprises with a certain scale will usher in a new situation of cooperation. Customized lock production will also usher in a new “Blue Ocean”.

Locking enterprises cooperate with door companies to emphasize personalization

As we all know, although the scale of the lock industry development than the door industry, but the door industry after more than 10 years of rapid development, the industry scale is far more than the lock industry. Today, the development of the door industry has become a barometer of the lock industry. Often after the introduction of a new door, lock companies will design and produce matching locks based on that door product. Many European-style locks on the market are produced according to the design concept of high-end European doors.

At present, in the cooperative relationship between door companies and lock companies, the door factory occupies a dominant position. In most cases, the lock companies seek cooperation from the door companies. Few door factories actively cooperate with lock factories. Most owners of lock companies also believe that locks are accessory products for the door. Only if the door factory is satisfied, then the lock products can be sold.Zinc alloy polish CNC turning product Supplier


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