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Four Major Trends In The Development Of Building Materials Industry In 2018
Jan 16, 2018

With the development of the building materials industry and the changing environment and policy environment in which the building materials industry is located and the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the overall demand or changes in the market may change in the future. How can the enterprises stick to existing market heights or to snatch new market heights, All need to be based on market changes, while avoiding risks and taking advantage of the momentum.Stainless Steel Casting Machining Part Manufacturer

The arrival of the occasion in 2018, the industry from the following four aspects to talk about the new home building materials industry trends.

Custom furniture market will exceed 100 billion Yuan

In 2017, custom-made furniture is an extremely popular year, and custom-made furniture has gained rapid development in our country. Data show that the custom furniture market share in the furniture industry is about 20%, while the developed countries already exceeded 60% share, which fully shows that custom furniture in the domestic market is still in the Blue Horizon. According to incomplete statistics, according to the current growth rate, by the end of 2017, the size of the custom furniture market will easily exceed 90 billion. In the next 4 years, the growth rate of customized furniture industry will still be able to maintain a growth rate of over 20%. By 2020, the industry scale will reach 166.6 billion. Of course, custom furniture business requirements are comprehensive, including the need to improve the design and development capabilities, brand, information technology capabilities, sales and service network, large-scale flexible customization capabilities and other industry barriers.Titanium Small Cnc Milling Machining Part Manufacturer


Environmentally Friendly Home Products Are Still Favored

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic for everyone, the topic also led to consumer concern for environmental protection home. Some studies show that 53.8% of consumers in China pay much attention to the environmental protection of their products at the time of purchase, and 36% of consumers especially regard home products as the primary standard of environmental protection.

According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of this year's home sales, environmentally friendly home products accounted for more than half of total sales. Can be seen that consumers pay more attention to home environmental performance, which brings a lot of business opportunities for some environmentally friendly home businesses. At the same time also shows that environmental protection has become the mainstream consumer of building materials industry, the mainstream will also be extended in 2018.Titamium CNC Machining Milling Manufacturer


Simple Style Is The Trend of The Times

According to the relevant statistics, consumers in the home improvement products, materials and decoration choices, more inclined to "simple style." Data show that the Nordic minimalist become the current consumer favorite decoration style, fresh pastoral, simple fashion, simple solid color to become the most popular three kinds of textile style, and, cotton, silk material and other textile products and wood furniture more welcome.

With the improvement of living standards and changes in the consumer environment, people's aesthetic philosophy is also changing, the layout is simple, comfortable and pleasant simple style into a hot market. In this context, many building materials business ideas also will change, began to change from selling products to selling lifestyles, and pay more attention to the importance of design.

Smart Home Is Entering Millions of Households

With the development of technology, "smart" has become a lifestyle and social trends, and the popularity of the same year, smart phones, the home industry has begun to focus on user needs and keep up with the social trends, involved in the development of smart home, in their life belt To facilitate the same time, but also increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

It is reported that a few years ago smart home is pleased to rise, after entering 2017, the number of smart home business significantly increased significantly. However, on the whole, there is still a long way to go to promote the intelligent and informatization construction of China's home industry.Titanium Small Cnc Turning Part Manufacturer

At the same time, we also need to maintain an optimistic attitude towards things. With the gradual maturation of a number of new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, there are still some imaginary spaces in the future of application industries.


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