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How To Choose A Reasonable Diamond Thin Slices And The Right To Use
Jan 16, 2018

First, how to choose ultra-thin diamond cutting disc

How to use reasonable choice of ultra-thin diamond cutting film, the right to use ultra-thin diamond cutting film, the choice of ultra-thin diamond cutting film in the cut glass tube, precious stones should pay attention to the process:


Take the appropriate ultra-thin diamond cutting film, the appropriate fixture, a fixed ultra-thin cutting machine above, different materials use different thin diamond cutting, in order to achieve the most perfect cut, it is recommended that the engineer's advice reasonable Choose a thin slice.Steel CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer

Second, the correct use of ultra-thin diamond cutting film:


Ultra-thin diamond cutting blade is mainly used for precision grooving and cutting, generally using deep slow feed grinding method. With a large depth of grinding, the feed rate is small, the wheel and the workpiece contact area, narrow kerf, metal removal rate, high precision grinding, machined surface quality and high utilization of materials. The general rule is as follows:

1). The overall thickness of ultra-thin diamond cutting thin (more than 0.5mm), small diameter (20-100mm), fine size, size and shape the location of high precision, light weight, usually at high speed conditions. The general speed is 5000-40000 rpm.


2) Basal type ultra-thin diamond cutting discs are mostly thick (0.5-2mm), large diameter (100-200mm), coarse particle size, low accuracy, generally used for lower speed and large depth of cut conditions. The general speed is 3000-10000 rpm.


3). Ultra-thin diamond cutting tablets to use more fine-grained, and generally the thickness of the thinner abrasive grain will be correspondingly thinner, the processing surface of good quality. However, the smaller the abrasive grain size, the corresponding cutting sharpness decreases, to reduce the feed rate accordingly to meet the abrasive grain size machinability.Zinc Alloy CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer

4) The cutting depth of the ultra-thin diamond cutting piece is generally determined by the user according to the cutting part, and the cutting is mostly used for the grinding process with slow feeding, the cutting depth once. As a result of the cutting wheel thin, poor cutting conditions (mostly 3 surface contact with the workpiece), making it difficult to heat, so to increase (flow, pressure) on the cutting zone cooling.


5). When the ultra-thin diamond cutting machine at the user just on the machine used to appear immobile or workpiece chink, it is recommended to increase the cutting speed or reduce the feed; when used after a period of immobile or chink , It is advisable to sharpen the surface of the wheel with an appropriate size of stone to adjust its sharpness.


6) The surface quality and cutting performance of the workpiece are mainly related to the abrasive grain size of the ultra-thin diamond cutting piece, and the finer the grain size is, the better the surface finish is. At the same time with the workpiece material, hardness, cutting dosage, machine conditions, processing requirements and other factors.Iron CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer

7) Deqat® ultra-thin diamond cutters are generally plastic and edged prior to delivery and can be used directly by the user. If the user needs further plastic surgery, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white corundum whetstone, particle size selection than the cutting wheel coarse particle size 1-2 number; if the user needs to be further edged or use a period after the blade, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white corundum Whetstone, particle size selection cutting wheel size fine 1-2 or the same number can be.


8) The amount of cutting generally also be processed materials, hardness, precision, processing requirements, etc., it is recommended that the initial use of the best in the user's original conditions, do not easily change the amount of cutting.


9) The conditions of users are also the main factors affecting the cutting performance, especially the spindle axial skew, radial runout, flange parallelism and dynamic balancing accuracy all affect the cutting precision of the cutting wheel directly.Stainless Steel CNC Driller Parts Manufacturer

Third, the type of Dekate ® ultra-thin diamond cutting:


1. According to the type of binder to points:


There are two types of metal binding agent (code M) and resin binding agent (code B)


2. According to the structure of the points:


There are two types of integral type (1A8) and base type (1A1, 1A1R, 1B1, 14A1, 3A1, 4B1, etc.). The integral typeis thinner and suitable for processing narrow slit and small cut depth. Good rigidity base body, suitable for large depth of cut, high dimensional accuracy of the processing.

The overall type of cutting wheel is the whole wheel made of the same material. Thin thickness, high precision, and more for high-precision, small cut deep cut and cut. The general speed is 5000-40000 rpm.


The base-type cutting wheel refers to the grinding wheel outer ring with abrasive layer, while the central part of the high-strength high-rigidity metal material, also known as the outer ring cutting wheel. This wheel generally thicker,rigid, low speed, general The speed is 3000-10000 rpm, which is mostly used for grooving and cutting at large depth of cut at lower speed.Copper CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer

3. According to the working layer without water tank:


Also can be sub-tank type (1A8 / 2,1A1 / 5,1A1R / 5) and without the sink type (1A8 / 1,1A1 / 3,1A1R / 4). Witha sink type is conducive to chip removal, cooling, suitable for fast cutting speed, cut deep, easy to heat processing

4. According to the processing technology to points: sintering, electroplating


Fourth, the use of Dekate ® cutting discs Note:


1. Please check the cutting wheel before installation, if there is notches or other damage, please stop using.


2. When the cutting wheel marked with the direction of rotation, with the machine rotating direction. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp, it is difficult to play cutting wheel performance.


3. Do not use does not meet the requirements of the cutting wheel.

4 cutting process if found abnormal, should be immediately shut down to find out the reasons.


5. When the cutting is not sharp, the grinding wheel to be trimmed edged. If you continue to use will appear overheating, overload and wheel damage may be.


6. Wheel rotation, the prohibition of hand-operated cutting, but can not touch the hand and body sand


7. Cutting wheel is strictly prohibited for cutting or cutting operations, to avoid uneven stress caused by abnormalities.


Correct choice and reasonable use can make Decade ultra-thin diamond cutting work efficiency many times, but alsoeffectively protect the thin slice, to achieve a multiplier effect.Iron CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer

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