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Intelligent Door Locks Will Be The Next New Tuyere
Apr 21, 2018

As the entry level product of smart home, new smart door locks are attracting more and more attention from the market and users. Tmall, Suning and other electric giants enter the smart door lock, which may mean another "intelligent fever". And this explosive sales growth also means that users' demand for smart door locks will be ignited. Then, can a smart door lock with long effort hold this opportunity?

Hard to release users just need

If you want to forget painful experience with keys, everyone is expected to have a tragic history". Therefore, the user demand of intelligent lock is in fact long existence, even when the risk of taking the key is gradually magnified, it will change into strong demand with people at any time, which is why a market which is not warm at present can attract more than 1300 manufacturers to enter.Steel CNC Machining Milling Parts Supplier

Of course, it is too narrow-minded to just understand the user needs of the intelligent lock to be forgotten with the key. The core is the ultimate value of the return to the door lock, security, and one of the basic human needs. The intelligent lock is different from the "revolutionary" point of the mechanical lock, which is the ability to link a whole set of security system, that is to say, the intelligent lock is the basic requirement of the user.

It's just a matter of time to replace ordinary locks with smart locks, and the opportunity for the industry to wait is likely to come under the combination of consumer upgrading, the rise of a new middle class and an unprecedented increase in security awareness.

At present, the installation rate of smart door locks in China is still less than 3%, while the popularity rate of intelligent locks has reached 50% in Europe and America, and over 70% in Japan and South Korea. Clearly, the user's strong demand, why is the popularity rate so low? To a large extent, it should be said that the user's product awareness of smart locks has been distorted by the industry, resulting in the disintegration of demand and purchase. One of the most obvious problems is "pseudo intelligence". In 2016, our country has more than one thousand enterprises involved in intelligent door locks, brand categories up to nearly 3000, although there is no lack of Samsung, Haier, Lenovo and other giants, but more is by the plagiarism or generation factory OEM, the lack of independent design of enterprises. Steel Machining Cnc Turning Parts Supplier. This leads to a mixed market. Even if the needs of users are strong, how to select the right products accurately is a real problem. And once users get in touch with the first experience of this new product, it's hard to re - arouse their market confidence, which is one of the reasons why intelligent locks have gone through the tuyere.

A huge opportunity for a mess in the industry

Since the rise of intelligent door locks, users' market education has made breakthrough progress. According to the white paper of 2017 China intelligent lock application and development, which is completed by Ali Yun combined with ICA Alliance for several months, only 20% of consumers have never heard of intelligent locks, 65% of consumers have the desire to buy potential, and 15% have been used or will be quasi customers.

But from this report, we can see several obvious consumer doubts. For example, the retail growth trend on the smart lock is better than that of offline retail. From September 2016 to August 2017, the number of Tmall smart locks increased by 193.97% compared with the previous cycle. For a newly emerging intelligent hardware, generally speaking, offline experience is the access of users to real contact products, but the opposite is true.

In addition, from the reason that the consumer does not change the smart lock, it is an important factor after the price is easily damaged, the obvious cognitive error, which is likely to be caused by the quality of the products in the market.

However, the trend of making heroes, intelligent door lock market is more chaotic, the more that once a manufacturer, "Heroes" to carry the "good" banner, the role of its own benchmarking, will have a great chance to reorganize the whole industry.

It is reported that the current Tmall is trying to unify the intelligent lock industry standards, and Suning also established the first intelligent door lock alliance, which can bring the industry to the wind and the "Dongfeng" is gathering.Brass Lathe Turning Machine Parts Supplier

The upgrades of the door lock market have come

When it comes to consumption upgrading, many people believe that Internet products such as e-commerce platform, pan entertainment platform and so on are the most affected. In fact, traditional hardware is also trying to upgrade by this trend, especially when updating.

From the perspective of the more intuitive market performance of consumption upgrading, on the one hand, the new generation of consumer groups is rising, that is, the so-called new middle class. On the other hand, the changing trend of consumption concept is also stimulating the development of emerging markets. Taking these two aspects as the starting point, we can see that the consumption escalation draught has scratched the smart door lock market.

Of course, intelligent door locks are far more widely consumed than the new middle class. Compared to the market potential of the new middle class, the key to stimulating the desire for smart locks is the change in the consumption concept. For example, the beauty of scene and design has become the primary purchasing factor of consumers in many consumer fields. In the market of smart door locks, the report of Ali cloud shows that the appearance is unexpectedly beyond the importance of performance.

With the upgrading of consumption, the industry may usher in a new opportunity. It is a phenomenal product that sometimes ignites the needs of users. Sometimes there is a lack of publicity and promotion. This is a matter of time. As long as the internal and external factors in time period play a synergy role, this opportunity will always come, so is the smart door lock.Brass Precision Custom Cnc Turning Part Supplier

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