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Made In Taiwan And The Next Era Of Metal Processing Story
Jan 23, 2018

2017 is a year of recovery and transformation for the metalworking industry in Taiwan. It is a year that gives birth to hope and a future for sowing the future. Not only the export of all kinds of machine tools has seen a substantial increase over the previous year, meanwhile, there has also been a major breakthrough in smart manufacturing.
Compared to the neighboring industrial areas: Japan is known for its sophisticated sophisticated industries. The leap-forward industrial development in mainland China has enormous resources and backing. Southeast Asia takes over the new era of demographic dividend ... Taiwan is in a crucial phase of transition, As the No. 9 machine tool builder in the world for machine tool consumption in 2016, Taiwan is seeking to find its true position in the small economies that have been developed, taking into account its unique development advantages.CNC milling stainless steel brush product manufacturer

According to the latest data report, the export value of Taiwan's machine tools from January to November 2017 exceeded 3 billion U.S. dollars, up 15.1% over the same period of last year. From the beginning of Taiwan International Exhibition TIMTOS to the year-end international exhibitions can be seen in the "Made in Taiwan" unabated, full power to innovation, both in machining optimization, or add artificial intelligence aids Technology are new. In addition to the increasing demand from the market to enhance the confidence of the industry, there are several major trends in 2017 metal processing manufacturers are particularly concerned about and be integrated into the product. Today, let's take a quick look at the icebreaker journey in the metalworking industry in Taiwan in 2017.

Over the years, Taiwan's metal cutting machine tools for a large part of steam, locomotive manufacturing industry, in recent years as the automotive industry for the integration of emerging technologies and layout, equipment, processing technology is also constantly updated. The automotive industry toward autonomous and electric new energy will inevitably need to be more energy-efficient, fast and space-saving in overall processing that complements end-product requirements and allows for appropriate cross-cutting development. Many devices are gradually moving toward a new era of "multi-use of multiple devices," Stainless steel die casting CNC turning part manufacturer and moving towards small, lightweight and integrated devices has the advantage of saving user's equipment footprint and energy consumption. For example, Cheng Yu electric broaching machine in the automotive industry in high-volume processing, the workpiece can be complex shapes through a broach to complete the rough, finishing, shortening the processing time, and automated integration of the front and rear processing steps , Reducing manpower requirements, the future all-electric broaching is expected to save users 20% of energy consumption.

On the other hand, the multi-purpose of one machine also indicates that Taiwan's machine tools and spare parts are moving toward diversified industries, especially in aerospace and precision high-end fields. Recently, Winnowshan Taiwan has developed a small gantry high-speed machining center, through the innovative design of the spindle in the process of overcoming overhang phenomenon, to provide optimized processing and mold making conditions. Small gantry high-speed machining center can meet the casting and molding needs, can be widely used in automotive parts, miniature 3C parts, medical grade equipment processing, and various special materials forming processing, economic small gantry integration of multi-industry required Precision machining capacity. Whether in the front end of the metal forming process or the back end of the cutting process, multi-purpose equipment undoubtedly dominated the trend of Taiwan-based equipment in 2017 and will continue to affect the future.
Science and technology outbreak: interactive and digital combination

In Taiwan's "5 + 2 Innovative Industries Plan," smart machinery is the focus of active investment by governments, enterprises and academics. The goal is to integrate systems across industries, increase the proportion of digital equipment and look forward to building a smart island.Aluminum anodize CNC turning product manufacturer

In Taiwan, the share of SMEs is as high as 95% or above. For them, the system of independent establishment of Industry 4.0 may face resources and financial constraints. Therefore, a major change in 2017 is to see more and more SMEs step by step in automation equipment Connect to the sensor or CAD / CAM systems toward the factory machine network. However, there are still R & D-oriented SMEs pioneering the independent development of intelligent production systems.

For example, won the 24th SME Innovation Research Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the 25th Taiwan Excellence Award for the economy Industrial "intelligent high-speed band saw machine." Intelligent high-speed band saw machine equipped with ITech Saw System control system, built a huge sawing material database query system, the user can directly search the system sawing parameters, quickly into the material data can also be used according to the saw band Type and cutting efficiency to choose to find the most appropriate cutting parameters. In addition, the cooperation cloud service platform with users on-line capacity analysis, machine warning management, sawing belt life diagnosis. Solve the material wastage caused by sawing, and improve the processing efficiency and accuracy. On the other hand, through the collection of cutting parameter information can also optimize the future processing technology, so that truly into the new era of big data and cloud.Aluminum anodize CNC milling product manufacturer 

As the year-end and the year-end year ends, we are accustomed to bid farewell to the past and looking forward to the New Year. Such a cycle naturally brings to mind the words "sustainable development." In 2017, the metal processing industry in Taiwan places more emphasis on recovery, waste disposal and green industry. In addition to directly improving the energy-saving design of machine tools, many operators also reduce the oil mist pollution by matching the oil mist recovery air purifier. Or through the cutting fluid filtration system will be cutting fluid recycling. Of course, there are also many experienced filter equipment developers in Taiwan who specialize in the reprocessing of waste generated from metal processing. For example, Yuen Lee Electromagnetic Co., Ltd., which manufactures coolant filtration equipment, launched an unmanned automatic heart filter in 2017. The main purpose of non-consumable filter media is to increase the life of filter media. The replacement period is extended by three years . In addition, the source of the device has added control components and many detection components, users have complete control of the machinery operating conditions. And the operation method becomes more friendly, can be seamlessly combined with the machine, completely without human intervention.CNC milling aluminum anodize part manufacturer

In addition, in 2017, the metalworking industry in Taiwan blew up a "petty bourgeoisie." Benefiting from the global trade recovery, it achieved a 3.6% industry growth and further boosted users' efforts to upgrade the machinery and equipment manufactured by Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises demand. After visiting the equipment manufacturers at the grassroots level, they also found that they have succeeded in obtaining the orders favored by German and Japanese famous machinery customers in the past. This means that users are gradually recognizing affordable, high-quality petty-bourgeois brands. As global competition in the industry intensifies, consumers are becoming more and more critical about their tastes. They are more concerned about the performance and cost performance of machinery. This phenomenon has created a turning point for many SMEs.

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