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3D Printed Composite Parts Replace Metal Parts
Jan 23, 2018

Visual First, the Dutch 3D operations company, replaced metalworking parts from its customer, The Chocolate Factory, with fused-deposition-modeling (FDM) carbon-fiber reinforced polyamide (PA12) thermoplastics. 35% of the short carbon fiber is supplied by Stratasys, a 3D printing solution provider. 3D printing machinery replacement parts significantly reduce machine downtime, to ensure continuity of the company's production line.

3D printing replaces machine parts, manufactured with tough Stratasys FDM nylon 12CF thermoplastics (35% short carbon fiber)Metal copper polish part manufacturer

The chocolate factory in Rotterdam has its own packaging line, and the company's daily production relies on smooth operation of a simple but important hook-shaped metal part that carries the wrapped bar onto the conveyor. Shutdown occurs when a part fails. Under normal circumstances, this part needs to be replaced three times a month. As each part is hand-made, delivery may take longer than a month.
Carl van de Rijzen, manager of Visual First, explains: "Packaging machines have to be guaranteed to work continuously, especially during peak periods like Christmas. With Stratasys Additive Manufacturing, we can make on-demand replacements Parts, which run as efficiently as metal machine parts, and we're going to be able to 3D print and deliver the production parts to the chocolate factory in a matter of a week, which is crucial to ensure the continuity of the line. "CNC turning copper polish part manufacturer

Van de Rijzen uses Stratasys' high-performance FDM nylon 12CF composite, a carbon-filled thermoplastic with 35% short carbon fiber. According to van de Rijzen, the chocolate factory evaluates the high stiffness-to-weight ratio of FDM nylon 12CF, with the new parts being extremely rigid.
Van de Rijzen says: "The obvious advantages of the 3D printing unit and the strong bending resistance of the material is that the unit has survived all the tests of the machine and has not failed multiple runs. The factory is now replacing the metal machining parts with 3D printed versions To increase production. "
In the past, constant human intervention impaired the function of metal parts and the machine was often damaged. Van de Rijzen continues: "Now that the 3D printed parts are much lighter than metal parts, thanks to the Fortus 450mc's ability to optimize part designs, the chocolate factory has also significantly improved its economics and reported lower costs in team reports 60%. "
With the success of 3D print component replacement, the chocolate factory is now focusing on Visual First to address other design challenges, most notably developing a prototype mold to test its product acceptance. Van de Rijzen said: "By using the Fortus 450mc 3D printing mold, the company will be able to further accelerate its manufacturing process."
Nadav Sella, Head of Emerging Solutions Business Unit at Stratasys, concludes: "We have seen the need for replacement parts for 3D printed and industrial machines, especially for packaging machines, which have to be highly customizable due to the wide variety of packaging products, in many cases The use of additive manufacturing not only saves time and money in manufacturing these machines, but also increases efficiency by reducing weight, simplifying design and adding features. "copper polish CNC milling product manufacturer


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