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Polish Copper Group, The Main Copper Plant In The Second Quarter Cut-off
Jan 23, 2018

Polish Copper Group (KGHM), the third-largest cathode copper producer in Europe, is to suspend one of two production lines at its Glogow copper smelter in Poland from April to June, the company told Metalswire.

The Glogow II plant awaiting overhaul produces 235,000 tonnes of cathode copper annually. The older Glogow I plant has an annual production capacity of 230,000 tonnes, and the two Glogow plants in Poland produce a total of 465,000 tonnes of cathode copper per year.

In a MetInfo interview, Justyna Moson, a spokesman for the company, said KGHM plans to carry out a three-month overhaul of the Glogow II copperworks in the second quarter of 2018. "Always take into account the regular maintenance in production."Titanium Brush CNC Turning Part manufacturer


Maintenance work will be carried out at the main equipment gathering at the pyrometallurgical plant. The plant typically produces copper cathodes using copper concentrates and its small inventory of smelting operations last year restricted refining operations.

The company's third quarter report showed that 400,000 tonnes of electrolytic copper were produced in the first three quarters of 2017, down 0.2% from the previous year.

The company previously considered producing an annual output of 549,000 tonnes of electrolytic copper in 2017.

Cathode copper produced at the Glogow I and Glogow II plants is classified as "Grade A" and is registered under the LME "HMG-S" and "HMG-B" brands respectively.

LME's 3-month copper price rose 30.8% at the end of 2017 and reached a peak of 7312.5 dollars per tonne on December 28 as the market raised concerns about the 2018 supply disruption.Stainless Steel Die Casting CNC Milling Part manufacturer 

Copper premiums in Europe have basically remained stable lately. Rotterdam's premium has remained unchanged at $ 45-50 a tonne since the end of November, while LME prices for three months are still near four-year highs.

An KGHM customer told MetIndex that in the last month KGHM customers received a repair notice, but the impact of the three-month overhaul on the copper cathode production has not yet been announced.

This has become the topic of the industry. We are worried whether this means that cathode copper supply will be tight in the first half of the European market, "one copper buyer said.

The company also signed a copper cathode supply agreement with China Minmetals Corporation for a value of $ 118.82 to $ 2.83 billion for the period from 2017 to 2021.

Last October, the nearby Glogow I plant was forced to close for nearly a month because of an accident at the alkali recovery boiler, which resulted in the shutdown of the HMG 1 flash furnace.

According to the company's third quarterly report, nearly 18,000 tonnes of electrolytic copper were lost during the shutdown. Aluminum Die Casting CNC Milling Part manufacturer

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