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Potential US Infrastructure Plans Or Boost Non-ferrous Metals Consumption
Jan 24, 2018

Shanghai Nickel, Shanghai lead the main contract pulled up in the afternoon of January 23, closing up nearly 2%, the main contract in Shanghai edged up 0.22%. The previous night, the London Metal Exchange (LME) metal March contract ushered in a broad rise, including LME tin prices hit a 3-month high.

However, the data show that the London Metal Exchange January 23 copper metal stocks total 248,100 tons, a substantial increase over the previous day 36,300 tons. As of press time, LME3 copper futures prices in January plunge, fell 1.87%.Titanium  custom cnc machining  manufacturer

Analysts believe that the recent widening metal, on the one hand because of the weakening dollar index, on the other hand, the market for the United States more and more expected to introduce infrastructure projects, the demand for more varieties of metal is expected to further growth.

A number of domestic varieties of non-ferrous metals futures contract rebounded on Tuesday received the main positive Yang late tail rise higher. In the view of futures industry researchers, the performance of overseas metal futures has driven the trend of domestic varieties, and the non-ferrous metal varieties are expected to further rebound higher.

The market continues to spread the news that the United States will introduce infrastructure projects. To market participants, this plan, planned by President Trump for many years, will lead to the consumption of steel, building materials and nonferrous metals.

Dr. Copper is the most favored species in 2018. Into 2018, more and more optimistic about copper consumption at the same time. Mining giant BHP Billiton took the lead in making optimistic about copper ten top ten reports, made it clear that with the rapid development of electric vehicles and new energy industries, will significantly increase copper consumption.CNC milling titanium sand blast product manufacturer

As copper prices rise, the Chilean government is expected to resume the country's large-scale production projects. Piniella, Chile's new president, who is about to take office in March this year, said on the occasion that Chile is expected to launch 56 or more big projects worth over one billion U.S. dollars.

Since last year, "Zinc and Zincion" and "Nickel Nickel" two make words in the non-ferrous industry frequently appeared, but also reflects the strong price of zinc and nickel two varieties. Liu Mengmei, a senior analyst of Shanghai Nonferrous Net Zinc Industry, said in an interview with reporters that in 2018, LME zinc hit another 10-year high and hit a high of 3,400 U.S.dollars / tonne. Domestic zinc supply continued to appear gap, the supply side is undoubtedly the focus of the market. At the same time, concerns about the demand side of the market are also warming. Liu Meng month that the domestic consumption of zinc in 2018 or continue to grow but the growth rate will slow down.

Nickel, a senior analyst at Shanghai Nonferrous Nickel Network, believes that nickel terminals mainly include chemicals, transportation, home appliances and so on. Of course, there are some infrastructure projects. If the U.S. capital construction plan falls to the ground, it will undoubtedly boost the market demand for non-ferrous metal terminals. Nickel varieties Will be driven.Titanium polish CNC turning product manufacturer

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