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Pareto Principle Has Become Inevitable In Hardware Industry
Jan 17, 2018

After years of development, the hardware industry has now entered a period of "polarization," and the "28 Law" has also become an inevitable one. Hardware companies only have their own characteristics, precise positioning of consumer groups, in order to occupy a dominant position in the market.Stainless steel electroplate CNC milling product Bulk Production

Hardware market polarization presented

With the increasingly intensified competition in the hardware industry, endless changes in the complicated hardware market emerges. Well-known brand products with brand advantages, whether it is quality, style or after-sales service and so has a high degree of superiority, and "bargain" is adapted to some temporary renovation or general consumer low-income renovation needs , So as to promote the ever-expanding hardware consumer market.  

An analyst in the industry pointed out: In the hardware industry, mainstream brands with high brand awareness and some products with low prices are increasingly favored by consumers and gradually occupy about 80% of the consumer market. The middle level between the two Consumer space is getting smaller and smaller.CNC milling titanium electroplate product Bulk Production

"Private custom" 80 touted as consumer mainstream

In recent years, the increasingly fierce competition in the hardware industry, playing between the businesses "price war", "Golden nine silver ten", a variety of large-scale holiday promotions so that consumers are commonplace. Now, another wave of "private custom" is slowly spreading. Hardware companies to follow this trend, create products that meet the psychological needs of consumers is particularly important.

 With the growth of post-80s generation consumer groups, custom-made products have enjoyed rapid growth due to their pursuit of individuality in line with modern young people's personalities. In particular, high-end customized products are required. Custom hardware not only enhance the sense of participation of consumers, strengthen the consumer's sense of trust in the brand, but also bring consumers not the same feeling and experience.Titanium sand blast CNC milling product Bulk Production

Enterprises need to open the fog break through

Hardware market increasingly worse at two levels, hardware companies in the future means of competition in addition to continuous improvement, improve the quality of their products, but should focus on services, services can be innovative or in the competition and services on the project effective Extension, and integrated into a complete service system. Enterprises should also pay attention to product design, construction and supporting improvements, only a full range of breakthroughs and progress is the most effective way to an invincible position.

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