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Reform And Innovation Of High - End Equipment Manufacturing
Jan 17, 2018

"We have created an environment in which digital space and intellectual space, represented by the Internet +, can promote the development of industrial innovation.Nowadays, whether it is the Internet + manufacturing or manufacturing + Internet, we have a common goal to promote a new generation of information technology Represented such a smart revolution. "Yang Haicheng said.

Yang Hai-cheng shared with everyone the fact that he also made special changes and innovations in the development of high-end equipment manufacturing. My views and ideas: The first is how to recognize the new situation and new formats in the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The second is that high-end equipment manufacturing How to innovate and develop under the new situation; and the third is how we act.Hardware aluminum anodize product Bulk Production

How to Understand the New Situation of High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Today's industrial manufacturing industry is developing very rapidly. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry has changed the course of our human world. Two hundred years of industrial development have created tremendous wealth for our human society. However, we also see the development of information technology, Changes in the social environment and promote the continuous transformation of industry, but also promoted the continuous development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry and progress. In the modern era, we have entered a new era in which the Internet drives the entire industrial innovation and drive industrial change. We say that industry has changed the world. However, the Internet is now transforming industry, especially the new generation of information technology, to promote technological change and promote Industry changes have driven a drastic change in the equipment manufacturing industry.

Everyone is now very hot industrial revolution, this boom is coming to us, equipment manufacturing industry, without exception, must face the fourth wave of industrial revolution and drive development. We know that the first industrial revolution mainly used mechanical power to promote the development of productive forces. The second industrial revolution is a revolution in electricity and energy that enables our industry to be mass-produced. The third industrial revolution is information technology, which has brought our industry into an era of automation and rapid development. The driving force of the industrial revolution should be said that the Internet a new generation of information technology, especially the new generation of information technology, representative: cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, mobile Internet, intelligent industrial innovation and development created New environment.CNC turning aluminum anodize part Bulk Production

What is the environment of this environment? In fact, we have created an environment in which digital space and intellectual space represented by the Internet + are used to promote our industrial innovation and development. We also call this environment wisdom era. We humankind have gone through three periods. The first era is from nomadic to agricultural era. We have used agricultural energy to realize the cultivation of agriculture and realize the great enrichment of material wealth. The second era, from agriculture to industry, we replaced the human hand and foot with machinery, contributing to the material wealth and the development of all civilizations of our time. We are now experiencing an era of moving from industry to intellectual industry and an era of intellectual industry. The Internet + undoubtedly represents the product of an era of information processing and knowledge processing. We know that data is the carrier of knowledge. The invention of computers makes human beings begin to process knowledge and deal with knowledge in the same way as industrialization. They use the power of tools, the power of calculation, the large-scale production of wisdom by the power of machines, produce. So Internet + brings us into a new era of intellectual space. We can see that cloud computing makes all the knowledge resources, computing resources available anytime, anywhere. IoT embeds the mechanism of knowledge processing into every product, every equipment and every object so that each object begins to possess the same wisdom as a human being. When we look at the mobile Internet knowledge and wisdom can be ubiquitous for us to use. Big data makes knowledge a kind of innovation. Aluminum anodize CNC milling part Bulk Production. Therefore, we say that today's equipment manufacturing industry is in a new era of transforming the equipment manufacturing industry with smart technology and smart machines. This includes the smart manufacturing, the smart Equipment, no doubt not because of the Internet + digital space, intellectual space, cyberspace to transform and infiltrate, integrated into our entire industrial system, forming our manufacturing industry began today from digital, network into a new era of intelligence.

In this era we see the equipment industry itself is undergoing earth-shaking changes. One of the most significant changes is that, above all, the equipment itself is becoming intelligent and systematic. Almost all the high-end equipment from aerospace equipment to fly in the sky, running on the ground, no one is not equipped with information technology, embedded technology to be armed, transformation, networking, we can say that the online world allows any one Products go to the era of smart products, because once they have been given a smart brain, they can communicate, and they can make informed choices and judgments that they can learn to grow. Such as car networking, and so on. Therefore, the era of intelligence, smart environment, created our products into the smart era.

We also see that in such an era of wisdom, the design, manufacturing and operation of our products have undergone tremendous changes. In the past, our factory focused on the traditional design, manufacture and selling of products. We now connect all the products through the Internet and remotely control, diagnose, operate and service them throughout the life cycle of product use, operation and maintenance, enabling us to enter the high-end equipment market from manufacturing to manufacturing Service-oriented manufacturing, production and service to the form.CNC milling aluminum anodize product Bulk Production

We also see that now such an era of wisdom has brought us a high-end equipment manufacturing customization trend. In the past our production equipment are the pursuit of high-volume, large-scale production, the only way to reduce costs. We see now cyberspace, the world of intelligence, so that the needs of all of our users can be directly expressed online. Through large-scale intelligent computing and calculation of the network and knowledge processing, we can turn a very complex equipment into a specialized, versatile and personalized component production, which can be customized online But also for large-scale production, at the same time can be directly for the user's order to produce, without the manufacturer, making the cost greatly reduced. Therefore, the future of equipment manufacturing industry has actually entered the customization, remove the middle, really into the customer-centric to meet a new era of product manufacturing. We also see that now the equipment manufacturing industry is moving toward such a manufacturing industry chain and is moving toward a decentralized and generalized system that is ubiquitous manufacturing.

In the traditional era, we needed a park, a factory, and we wanted to go to the converging industrial heights. Now that the Internet has made the best resources available all over the world, we do not have to build our own resources from start to finish, and Boeing produces one 787, without adding a plant, without increasing equipment, all the manufacturing resources in the world organization of collaborative design and manufacturing. In fact, our country is still a big gap in this area. We also see that nowadays the Internet space, especially cloud computing, makes our manufacturing resources as well as computing resources, can be collected online and built into a manufacturing resource pool. Through the network, large and medium-sized enterprises can access a wide variety of resource pools . So the manufacturing industry is beginning to cloud: industrial cloud, cloud manufacturing, making our manufacturing resources available on demand.

  We also see the core of the manufacturing industry - the manufacturing process is beginning to be intelligent, from the supply of raw materials to the production of components, assembly and assembly to the formation of interactive applications, each link with intelligent Means, network connectivity, comprehensive judgments, production management In the past our factory mainly rely on equipment and people, and now equipped to interconnect, understand, can automatically organize production. Industrial robot. People can also be gradually replaced by machines, because people are engaged in these jobs and actions can be intelligent machines and intelligent equipment. Therefore, industrial production has come to less human, unmanned era.Metal aluminum sand blast product Bulk Production


With all these changes, we have seen that Internet information technology, especially the hugely intelligent machines and intellectual machines created by the Internet, are transforming our entire manufacturing industries. This is undoubtedly a huge change, not a simple transformation of information technology. Only the accumulation of tools, platforms, space and knowledge formed by information technology has formed an ecological environment. The manufacturing industry chain has undergone completely disruptive changes. We have seen that no matter from tool to platform to system, To the mode of production, including our idea of organizing industries are undergoing profound changes. We must actively respond to such change, and if you do not, it will be eliminated by this era. So now whether the Internet + manufacturing or manufacturing + Internet, we have a common goal is to promote a new generation of information technology as the representative of such a smart revolution to be widely embraced and integrated with the manufacturing industry. Whether it is the Internet + or the Internet, we must make the manufacturing industry toward the Internet of change.CNC turning titanium electroplate product Bulk Production

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