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Russian R & D 3D Printing New Material Robot And Medical Field Will Benefit
Jan 18, 2018

Scientists at Kabardino-Balkarian State University in Russia say they have invented a new multifunctional polymer material, which can be used for 3D printing UAV, artificial limbs and robots. It is reported that the cost of the material is low and can be used for a wide range of 3D printing applications. 

No matter what you think about VladimirPutin, it's hard to say that the Russian president is not serious about national defense.


For example, in 2012, the president set up the National Advanced Research Program Foundation (FPI), which aims to promote scientific research that may benefit Russia's national security. Aluminium Brush Custom Cnc Machining Part Bulk Production
When FPI was founded, Putin's Deputy Defense expert, DmitryRogozin, said the foundation would end the "20 year stagnation" of Russian military science. Although it may be too early to assess this goal, some of the research carried out by scientists supported by FPI seems to be far from stagnant.


Although military research obviously become the primary task of FPI, but the organization is also responsible for the supervision is not clear for the defense of the project, such as the Bardini-Balkarian State University of Nalchik polymer experiment. 

Of course, advanced plastics can be used in military applications, but they can also benefit from many other fields of scientific research. SvetlanaKashirova, the chief laboratory researcher, recently confirmed this fact, revealing some exciting developments in the laboratory, directly involving 3D printing.CNC Turning Aluminum Sand Blast Part Bulk Production


According to Kashirova, scientists in the laboratory developed a new multifunctional polymer material, which is convenient for production and easy to operate. It can be used for 3D printing UAV, artificial limbs and robots. 

According to the director of the laboratory, the new material has been developing since 2014, which can provide some advantages for 3D printer users, including shortening production time, reducing failure rate and providing high level purity.


"By using our material in 3D printing, we can print the prosthesis according to the specific characteristics of a specific person," Kashirova commented on the new Russian 3D printing material.


"It can also be used to print unmanned aerial vehicles, power exoskeletons, machine parts, complex parts of robotic devices and components of a spacesuit."

Kashirova indicates that 3D printing material also has a high level of biological inertia, making it suitable for medical applications.Metal Brass Sand Blast Product Bulk Production


The laboratory director added: "these materials are heat-resistant and antifreeze. They can be used in environment with high temperature and radiation exposure. This is why the use of new materials is quite wide, suitable for aerospace industry, mechanical engineering, oil and gas industry and others. "


Although this level of detail is not enough to make us excited about the prospect of changing 3D printing materials, we are pleased to know that a small part of Russian Defense resources are improving 3D printing.


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