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Hardware Aluminum Electroplate Product

Hardware Aluminum Electroplate Product

Anodic oxidation, electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. Aluminum and its alloys in the corresponding electrolyte and the specific process conditions, due to the application of current, the aluminum products (anode) to form a layer of oxide film process. Anodic oxidation, unless...
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When machining aluminum, one of the major failure modes of cutting tools is the material being machined adheres to the tool cutting edge. This condition rapidly degrades the cutting ability of the tool. The built-up edge that is generated by the adhering aluminum dulls the tool so it can no longer cut through the material. Tool material selection and tool coating selection are the two primary techniques used by tool designers to reduce the occurrence of the built-up edge.

Two different carbide materials used in high-speed machining tools are sub-micron grain and course grain. Sub-micron grain carbide material has generally been accepted as the preferred material of choice because it is very hard and maintains a sharp cutting edge. When machining aluminum at very high speeds, however, this conventional wisdom is incorrect.Stainless steel electroplate CNC milling product Supplier

The sub-micron grain carbide material requires a high cobalt concentration to achieve the fine grain structure and the material’s strength properties. Cobalt reacts with aluminum at elevated temperatures, which causes the aluminum to chemically bond to the exposed cobalt of the tool material. Once the aluminum starts to adhere to the tool, it quickly forms a built-up edge on the tool rendering it ineffective.

The secret is to find the right balance of cobalt to provide adequate material strength, while minimizing the exposed cobalt in the tool for aluminum adherence during the cutting process. This balance is achieved using coarse-grained carbide that provides a tool of sufficient hardness so as to not dull quickly when machining aluminum while minimizing adherence.

In aluminum high-speed machining applications, use coarse-grain carbide materials for endmills, which should be either DLC or non-coated with wide chip room and solid rigidity. When running at 30,000 rpm and 80-HP, the core strength of the tool is critical.

The tools do not need to have excessively sharp cutting edges for high-speed aluminum application. No margin is desired, as that also causes a breakage problem as it provides more torque on a cutting edge. Tools with lower helix angles perform better in this application.CNC milling titanium electroplate product Supplier

Most importantly, for new high-quality products like the MAG-Series and the MAG4 from Makino, understand that the rules are being re-written. The methods traditionally employed will not necessarily yield the best result.

No other machine tool on the market today has the ability to handle the punishment of such tests as does Makino equipment. A key factor is that the spindles of many other machine tool companies will fail, as they can not handle the stresses incurred when tools are broken off as done in our testing.

Such machine tools can save a company 65 percent to 75 percent versus purchasing a gantry-type system, and can make an operator up to four-times as efficient.

Speak to Makino’s engineers and learn what they already know about their machines as well as tool companies like OSG. An expertise in high-speed aluminum milling and an understanding of the three elements of tool design can make you successful in high-speed aerospace machining.


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 Q:Are you a factory or a  trading company?

 A:Factory, which is located in Shenzhen, China.


 Q: What is the delivery time?

 A: Normal 15-30 days after received the deposit and confirmed all the details. But it depends on your order quantity and your products requirements. 


 Q:Can you make my own designed products?

  A: Yes, we can make the products according to your requirements of detailed drafts or samples.


 Q:Sample Time?

 A:Sample orders can be finished within 7-10 days.


 Q:What is our factory service?

 A:Rich exporting services, specilizing in hardware for 13 years. We have a professional technology team and sales team,  if you find some problems to install or use the  product, please feel free to contact us.

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