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Stainless Steel Electroplate CNC Milling Part

Stainless Steel Electroplate CNC Milling Part

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The advantages of stainless steel:

1, chemical properties: chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance in the steel inside is the best, second only to titanium alloys.

2, physical properties: heat, high temperature, low temperature resistance and even ultra-low temperature resistance.

3, mechanical properties: According to different types of stainless steel, mechanical properties vary, martensitic stainless steel has high strength, hardness, suitable for the manufacture of both corrosion resistance and high strength, high wear resistance parts, such as turbine shaft, Stainless steel cutters, stainless steel bearings, etc., austenitic stainless steel is very good plasticity, but its strength is not too high, but its corrosion resistance is the best among stainless steels. It is suitable for occasions where high corrosion resistance and low mechanical properties are required, such as chemical plants and chemical fertilizers. Plants, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid are used in the military equipment industries such as submarines. The mechanical properties of ferritic stainless steels are moderate, their strength is not high, but they are resistant to oxidation and are suitable for various industrial furnace parts.

4, process performance: austenitic stainless steel process performance is best, due to good plasticity, can be processed as a variety of plates, tubes and other profiles, suitable for pressure processing, martensitic stainless steel due to high hardness and poor process performance.

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    Add: 2F, Building A1, No. 276, E. Baoshi Rd., Baoan District, Shenzhen
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