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Brass Polish CNC Turning Part

Brass Polish CNC Turning Part

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Product Name:

  Brass polish CNC turning part




 stainless steel,aluminum,brass, copper, titanium, zinc alloy

Surface treatment:

 Anodize,electroplate,sand blast,polish,brush,passivation




 100 pcs

Samples Time:

 Existing samples are available anytime, customized samples need about 2 weeks.

OEM Accepted:

 OEM is ok

Packing Details:


The world's copper resources are abundant. Copper is not difficult to extract from its ores, but mineable mines are relatively sparse. Some, such as the copper mine in Fallon, Sweden, have been a source of great wealth since the 13th century. One way to extract this metal is to bake the sulfide ore and then separate the copper sulphate it forms with water. After the flow of iron surface will precipitate copper, the formation of the thin layer is easy to separate. The  world has proven copper is about 3.5 to 570 million tons, of which  porphyry copper deposits account for about 76% of the total. Aluminum milling anodizing part Supplier According to the regional distribution, there are five regions with the most abundant copper reserves in the world:

Africa: Congo, Lujuru (Kolwezi), Chitulu, Zambia, Luanshya and Balimba, Mufuralilla, Enchangga TLP, Encana (Lucana).

Asia:  China Silver (Jinchuan) / Gansu, Shandong / Yanggu Xiangguang Copper  Daye, Guixi, Huludao, Jinchang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Yunnan, India Burla  Copper (Hythe), Tuticorin, Iran Salce Cesme, Japanese do not children / Ehime (East to the smelter). Sakamoto (Ochiai), Sakamoto (Oita), Tamano (Okayama), Kazakhstan Barkasish, Jez Kazagan Smelter, South Korea's Wen Shan Smelter Ⅰ, Wen Mountain Smelter Ⅱ, Philippines Isabel / Wright  (Philippine Smelting and Refining Association), Uzbekistan Almarek  smelter.

Europe:  Brixleigh, Austria Beersehl, Belgium; Hoboken, UM PIRDOPE FINLAND,  HALVA WALDERHANDER, GERMANY HAMBURG, HEATHSTEIN, Lünen Lunen 170, Italy  PODEMAGEMA, POLAND Gowau I, Glogow II, Legnica Smelter, Zlatina Refinery in Romania, Kirovograd, Russia (Karata), Krasnoyarsk Smelter, Najarat Jinski, Norilsk smelter, central Uralssk smelter, Huelva, Spain, Sweden Lun Island, Walsall, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia Bor.Brass For Metal Parts Supplier

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    Add: 2F, Building A1, No. 276, E. Baoshi Rd., Baoan District, Shenzhen
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