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Brass Polish Custom Cnc Machining Parts

Brass Polish Custom Cnc Machining Parts

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Polishing, high-speed rotation of the polishing wheel (circumferential speed of 20 m / s or more) to the workpiece, the abrasive surface of the workpiece rolling and micro-cutting, resulting in bright machined surface, the surface roughness can generally reach Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 micron; when using a non-greasy matting agent, the matte finish can be exfoliated to improve appearance. High-volume production of steel balls, often using drum polishing method.

Refined when the barrel filled with steel balls and fur pieces, continuous rotation for hours to get bright and shiny surface. The polishing of the precision line ruler is that the processing surface is immersed in the polishing liquid, and the polishing liquid is made by mixing the chromium oxide powder with the particle size of W5 ~ W0.5 and the emulsion liquid. The polishing wheel is made of wood with finely-grained material or special fine felt, and the movement path is uniform and dense mesh. The surface roughness after polishing is not more than Ra0.01mm, observed under a magnification of 40 times under a microscope Not any surface defects. In addition there are methods such as electrolytic polishing.

Q:How many CNC machines do you have?

A:  We have 50 sets CNC computer lathe with high-quality and high efficiency, 30 sets precision automatic lathe, and 20 sets original Taiwan machining center, equipped with imported four axis and five-axis NC machine, milling machine, drilling machine, grinding machine and other peripheral equipment, 100sets in total.


QHow many workers do you have?

A: we have about 50 workers as for now, the numbers may increasing by year.


Q:Do you have engineers who can adjust customers drawings according to processing reality?

A: Yes. We have engineer department with 4 engineers now. They are very experienced in CNC machining. They will transfer customer’s drawings into our manufacturing drawings.



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    Add: 2F, Building A1, No. 276, E. Baoshi Rd., Baoan District, Shenzhen
    Tel: +86-755-27359623
    Mob: +8618516195475

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